Curious Consultants:
Branding that explores new ground

Yes we’re curious,
but what does that mean for you?
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You need to grow your brand

You’re looking for an experienced creative agency

One that is responsive and nimble

Comfortable handling any kind of challenge with aplomb

So you don’t have to deal with multiple vendors

An agency that makes you feel good to deal with

Because they see it as their job to solve your headaches

And they don’t break the bank

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How did you ever get by without us?

Curious by nature, we gain insights into both our clients
and the possibilities that we can develop for them.
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The two founders have over 50 years experience, covering a wide range of clients and interests. We bring to bear an eclectic and cosmopolitan perspective informed by what’s happening in branding & design; and in the world.


We don’t like to pigeon-hole ourselves, we like to explore new territory for our clients. We like the way that our work brings us so many interesting people and situations; we value the mutually enriching experiences.

100% attention

We are selective ~ this means that, rather than find ourselves spread thinly across many projects {the ‘big agency’ model} we can get intimately involved in crafting every aspect of the select small number of projects we work on at any one time.

As one

We don’t see client relationships as a tennis-match-like ding dong ~ more of a three-legged race. If we’re going to get our client across the finish line first, we all need to cooperate and do what it takes. We’ll get the trophy even if things may be a little inelegant along the way.


If it’s brand-related, we can do it; but you’d probably like a list:

Client experience

Some of the clients, across Asia and beyond, that the principals have enjoyed working with in their ‘previous lives’ and in Curious. We hope to have the pleasure of working with you too.

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