We are fascinated by the possibilities offered by the olfactory realm.

Scent Exhibitions

Curious Consultants will be holding annual scent exhibitions covering different genres, at different locations around the world. Check out our tumblr for our first scent exhibition, held in June 2013 or subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know about our scent events!

Scent Workshops

Curious Consultants are always happy to partner with resorts and hotels to provide a unique scent workshop for guests to satisfy their curious minds and derive pleasure from our fine selection of fragrance ingredients from around the world. Contact us to discuss further. 

Creative Scents

Looking for a unique corporate gift for your client? Looking for special gift for a special occasion? A gift that brings back the memory of good times through a custom-made scent gift. Why not drop us a mail to discuss further.

Bespoke Scent

We would be very happy to assist you in creating a scent which speaks about your unique personality as an individual {besides smelling great!}.

Olfactive Branding

We love everything about scent. If you have a retail or office space which you would like to further enhance in expressing your brand personality, why not drop us a line and share with us your thoughts. We will take it from there.

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